Your Trusted Periodontist

  • Your Trusted Periodontist

    Introducing Dr. Kawar, Dental Surgeon, Periodontist

    periodontist surgeonWe are very happy to introduce the newest member of our dental team, Dr. Nadia I. Kawar.

    Dr. Kawar recently joined Cass Family Dental as our Resident Periodontist. She received her degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Jordan and her specialty training in Periodontics and a Masters Degree in Dental Sciences at Saint Louis University. After her graduation, Dr. Kawar worked as a periodontist at Lovell Medical Center in Chicago.

    A professional periodontist’s focus is on the prevention, treatment and the diagnosis of infections that affect the bone and the soft tissues surrounding one’s teeth. After 4 years of dental education, periodontists need to add at least 3 to 4 years of further education to learn more advanced techniques on how to properly diagnose and treat periodontal diseases and how to plant dental implants.

    If a patient is diagnosed with gum disease during a check-up or regular cleaning, the patient will be referred to a periodontist for more specific treatment. Periodontal treatments range from non-surgical management of periodontal disease, surgical resection and regenerative therapy, soft and hard tissue grafting and dental implants.

    In order to maintain your gum health and ensure a long lasting smile, we encourage you to visit Cass Family Dental with our resident periodontist, Dr. Kawar to get your regular gum check-up and periodontal examination.

    Dr. Kawar’s philosophy in practicing periodontics and implantology is based on her belief in the connection between good oral health and a healthy body. Most importantly, Dr. Kawar believes a patient’s respect and trust is the cornerstone of the relationship between patient and dentist.

    To schedule an appointment, call us at 630-737-0791 or for more convenience, request an appointment online.

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