• The Pros and Cons of Zoom Teeth Whitening

    closeup-of-woman-smiling-with-prefect-white-teeth-on-white-backgroundEveryone wanted to have that beautiful white smile just like their favorite celebrities. Luckily there are many ways available in the market to whiten one’s teeth. People can choose from using over-the-counter teeth whitening products or they can opt for professional teeth whitening procedures. For those who wanted to have faster and more noticeable results they should choose to undergo professional teeth whitening, just like Zoom teeth whitening.

    Zoom teeth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure. It uses a teeth whitening gel – whose main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, and a laser light to whiten teeth. The laser light activates the whitening gel and speeds up the whitening process. The procedure usually lasts 45 minutes to one hour in just one dental visit.

    Zoom teeth whitening procedure is the most popular method of teeth whitening now available in the market. Like any other dental procedures, it has its pros and cons. The pros and cons of zoom teeth whitening are:



    • Zoom teeth whitening procedure is the most effective way of whitening teeth. It whitens your teeth up to 8 shades lighter in one dental visit.
    • The treatment is convenient. The patient doesn’t have to wait for a few weeks to achieve the whitening results because it is immediately seen.
    • This whitening procedure is harmless. There is no known serious complication in undergoing this procedure.


    • Although the procedure is considered to be safe, the patient may feel tooth sensitivity within 24 hours after the procedure. Sensitivity is due to the bleaching agent in the whitening gel.
    • It is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.
    • The procedure is quite expensive as compared to other teeth whitening procedures.
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