• Preventative Treatments

    CassThere’s a fresh approach to dental treatment, and it’s the focus on prevention, rather than treatment after-the-fact.  This method is beneficial for both patients (less pain, savings in time and money), as well as the dentist, enabling the him/her to provide a greater quality level of care for patients.  Reducing the scope of dental treatments necessary to achieve the same high level of well-being is appreciated by all.  The intent is to escape the old scenario of mechanical tooth repair (the usual fillings & extractions), and help the patient retain their natural, healthy smile over the course of a lifetime.

    Patients can further this effort when it comes to gum disease.  The steps are easy for anyone to perform, and with practice, quickly become second-nature.  Proper brushing, flossing, and regular annual checkups to the dentist are always the best method(s) of preventing gum disease.  As we’ve all discovered, gums are rather sensitive tissues which can become infected when residual food & beverages form a nutritious environment in which bacteria form.  Sporadic brushing enables these bacterial “colonies” to form into plaque, a sticky mixture of germs, food, and saliva which coats the teeth and gums, and is an entry point for harmful bacteria to get below the gumline, causing an infection.  Routine brushing and flossing scrap and rinse away much of the bacteria, as well as their food source, boosting the body’s natural defenses.  Annual cleanings at a professional dentist will remove the small amounts of debris that cannot be easily removed at home, as well as identify problems early, so that that they can be easily (and painlessly) remedied.

    Reasons for choosing Cass Family Dental:

    • We have a modern dental practice, with the latest developments in dental technology
    • We have a professional, friendly staff, and welcome questions about the best treatment options available for you and your loved ones
    • We are open for your convenience on Saturdays, to accommodate busy weekly schedules
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