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Root Canal

Why choose Root Canal Treatment?

    • Saves your natural tooth from being pulled out
    • Treats your diseased tooth’s pulp

root canalA root canal treatment is basically a procedure that is used to repair and save a tooth which has experienced severe infection or decay.  Our tooth basically subdivided into two parts: Crown and root. The former consists of enamel, gum and dentin while the latter consists of the pulp chamber and root canal which itself is composed of the pulp tissue, bone, the supporting ligament, root end openings, etc.

If the tooth experiences extreme decay or cracks, the pulp tissue in the root canal gets inflamed or infected which can then affect the blood supply to the pulp. A person may not feel the pain in the initial stages but if left untreated, the infection spreads through the root canal system which can then result in abscess formation.

This abscess might cause minute to severe pain and the person with this ailment may also experience pain on the particular tooth while biting food or having too hot or too cold drinks. These are clear giveaway signs of the tooth having grow tender and in some cases, it becomes discoloured which is clear sign of the tooth nerve being dead.


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