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Why choose Arestin?

    • Getting treated is easy
    • Different than antibiotics
    • Prevents further periodontitis effects

Arestin is a prescription drug that is an antibiotic and will help to prevent the bacteria that causes periodontitis. It will be used at the same time as scaling or root planing.


Arestin is effective because it uses microspheres of different sizes to allow the antibiotics to be released over a longer period of time. This means that the bacteria will be eliminated for a period of up to three weeks following the treatment.

There are some patients like pregnant women or children where the use of the drug is not recommended. There also some situations like a deep abscess where it might not be the right treatment.

Many people ask if there are any reported side effects related to the use of Arestin. There are minimal side effects that are present in only a few cases. The effects will be very similar to the use of other antibiotics.


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