• Low Cost Emergency Dental Care

    The thing about dental emergencies is that they usually don’t happen during regular office hours. Dr. Bana Mashnouk of Cass Family Dental understands this. Whether it’s the middle of the night, a Sunday afternoon, or a major holiday, you can depends on Dr. Mashnouk and her staff to provide low cost emergency dental care. It’s far better to contact us during off-hours than to risk your oral health permanently by trying to treat a dental emergency yourself.

    What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

    The following are common dental emergencies that we see at Cass Family Dental:

    • Severe trauma to a tooth due to a car accident, sports injury, assault, or another sudden event. Never assume that your tooth must be knocked out of your mouth completely to require immediate dental intervention.
    • A patient is experiencing throbbing tooth pain due to an exposed nerve.
    • A patient has a broken jaw or is concerned about the possibility.
    • Severe pain that does not respond to medication or home remedies after a dental surgery or procedure.
    • A dental appliance is damaged or broken and a patient needs it repaired before the office opens for regular business hours. Whether it’s a dental bridge, veneer, crown, implant, or a problem with orthodontic work, we’re here to help.

    This is only a small sampling of potential dental emergencies. Any time you or a family member experience the sudden onset of severe pain or facial trauma, we encourage you to contact our office immediately.

    Come in for an Immediate Assessment of Your Dental Emergency

    When you speak to Dr. Mashnouk on the phone, she will let you know if your situation seems urgent enough for immediate evaluation and treatment. If so, she will meet you at Cass Dental. With her years of experience and multiple DDS degrees, you can feel confident in Dr. Mashnouk’s capable hands. She will evaluate your condition right away and prescribe pain medication or begin emergency dental surgery. In some cases, both will happen.

    Our aim at Cass Dental is to manage your pain promptly or correct your dental problem so you can return home as soon as possible. Dr. Mashnouk or her support staff will also follow up to see how you’re doing one to two days after you received emergency dental care.

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