• How is LASER Used in Dentistry?

    LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) treatment uses a very special kind of light in treating different diseases of the body. In dentistry, LASER treatment is used to manage disorders of the soft tissues in the mouth. LASER is used in conjunction with soft tissue surgeries of the oral cavity like gum reshaping, gingivectomy, periodontal sulcular debridement and frenectomy. It is also used in treating periodontal diseases by being an adjunct treatment to scaling and root planing. The LASER is used to disinfect gum pockets and also help in sealing the pockets after treatment.

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    The benefits of LASER dentistry in soft tissue surgeries of the oral cavity include:

    • It minimizes bleeding and damage to the soft tissues.
    • It promotes faster healing of the wound.
    • It is less painful and scarring is minimal as compared to the traditional soft tissue surgery of the oral cavity.
    • It promotes shorter surgery time thus making it possible for the surgery case to be performed as an outpatient case.


    LASER treatment is also used in teeth whitening. It is used in speeding up the whitening procedure after the application of a whitening gel in your teeth during in-office whitening treatments.

    LASER treatment is also helpful in root canal therapy. It is used in removing decayed dental pulp and other unwanted organic debris and then it disinfects the root canal.

    The most important use of LASER treatment in dentistry is the lesion removal or biopsy of a suspected cancerous growth in the oral cavity. LASER can aid in the removal of a cancerous tissue for examination and confirmation of its malignancy.

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