• Healthier Teeth For a Brighter Future

    download (65)In our childhood days, we are taught the importance of brushing our teeth every after meals and cutting too much sugar from our diet. As we grow older, more practices such flossing at least once a day, using mouth rinses and going to the dentist for professional cleaning, are added to our oral hygiene regimen. With regards to our lifestyle, we are often reminded by our dentists to limit our intake of coffee, tea, wine, curry and other foods and beverages that could stain our teeth; and stop smoking to prevent tooth decay and other dental health problems.

    To those who have religiously followed these dental teachings, they have reaped what they sow by having a set of complete, healthy and strong teeth in their adulthood. On the other hand, those who have failed to practice good oral hygiene, correct food choices and healthy lifestyle, have suffered from dental diseases and an eventual tooth loss. People who did not take care of their oral health are often recipients of tooth restorations in their early adult life.

    In our society, people often associate the state of our dental health with what we can do and what we can offer the public. More often, people with complete and healthy set of teeth are hired for jobs especially in those fields which require communicating with other people. A set of complete and healthy teeth reflects how well you take care of yourself and in return it would show how you will take care of your job, your company and the people you are serving.

    That is why at the very young age it is not enough to teach children of oral hygiene importance, but adults should emphasize to them the importance of good oral hygiene, correct food choices and healthy lifestyle for a brighter future.

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