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  • Effective Teeth Whitners

    There are a number of effective teeth whiteners available on the market which provide a safe, effective means of whitening teeth, and they generally fall into two main categories.  There are those effective teeth whiteners either provided by a professional dentist, or do-it-yourself kits which can be applied within the comfort & convenience of your own home.  One of the most important things to remember regardless of which method you use is that you must floss and brush daily in order to help preserve and prolong the bleaching effect.  Additionally, you should do your best to give tannin-rich and/or acid-laden foods a wide berth, as they have a highly counterproductive effect on any teeth whitening program.

    Here’s a brief list of some foods you should steer clear of, but is by no means exhaustive:


    • Richly-colored sauces (tomato, soy, curries)
    • Sports beverages (Gatorade®, Powerade®, etc.)
    • Virtually all carbonated beverages (highly acidic and staining – a two-fold combo!)
    • Black teas and coffee (green tea is a good alternative)
    • Richly-colored berries and similarly colored foods


    Tooth-whitening methods are primarily suited for people with yellowed teeth and has only a limited effectiveness for those people with browned teeth. Tooth bleaching can also cause increased sensitivity of the teeth and gums — or even become downright uncomfortable for those who already cope with overly sensitive teeth.  It is important to always follow the given instructions, whether administered from a dental office or off-the-shelf at a store.  A word of caution here: if improperly used, at-home kits can potentially result in chemically burned — perhaps even temporarily bleached — gums.  Those whose teeth have a purplish or grayish hue probably won’t benefit much from tooth bleaching – if they benefit at all.

    Tooth-whitening is worth the investment time and money for the vast majority of patients.  As always, you should confer with your dentist for recommendations particular to your situation before purchasing any of the over-the-counter tooth whitening kits available at your local big-box retailer.

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