• Care for Your Teeth Each Day


    dental care When you establish a good oral hygiene routine early in your child’s life, it’s more likely that the habits will stick for a lifetime. Many parents are surprised to learn that they can start caring for their baby’s oral hygiene even before his or her first tooth erupts. Rinsing your baby’s gums with a damp cloth after each feeding prevents bacteria build-up while teaching that mouth care is an important part of the daily routine. Dr. Mashnouk recommends waiting until your child is a toddler before introducing actual tooth brushing.

    Modeling good eating habits during your child’s early impressionable years are essential as well. Allow your son or daughter to see you eating healthy food and keep sugary snacks out of your house. When they’re not accessible, your child will not develop the taste for them and his or her teeth will be better for it.

    Dental Hygiene for Adults

    Some children never develop good oral care habits and others abandon them as they grow older. Perhaps you can relate to feeling too busy to properly brush and floss your teeth at least twice each day. However, this is essential to avoid damage to teeth and gums.

    Regular brushing removes food deposits that can lead to bacteria growth, tooth decay, plaque and tartar build-up, and gum disease later. Since no toothbrush can reach between the

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