5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Juvederm

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Juvederm

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    Now that medical professionals have adopted it into their own beauty routine, Juvederm is now ranked on the same level as Botox as a trusted beauty staple.

    Here we discuss 5 reasons why you should choose Juvederm as an anti-aging treatment:

    1. It is a treatment of superior quality.

    Juvederm boasts a higher quality of results because of the use of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in the body. When combined with the water in your skin it smooths away wrinkles and restores volume that has been lost. This is what makes Juvederm a cut above the rest as it works to fill the face, not freeze the face. Juvederm’s use of hyaluronic acid is safe for all skin types, making it a stand out amongst other products that aim for similar results.

    2. It can treat multiple problem areas.

    Juvederm’s three product formulations – Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, and Juvederm Voluma – provide solutions for a variety of skin conditions that arise with age, mainly:

    • Moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles
    • Increase volume in cheeks, chin and jaw
    • Reduce under-eye hollows
    • Enhance lips
    • Reshape the nose

    3. It gives longer lasting results.

    According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons Journal, 96% of Juvederm patients maintained their quality results six months after their treatment, and 81% of patients said they still experienced results a year or more after the Juvederm procedure. Unlike other injectables, Juvederm isn’t needed every few months. While some people prefer a couple of Juvederm treatments per year, most are happy with a yearly treatment that provides them with a naturally youthful glow.

    4. It has zero downtime and pain.

    With Juvederm, you can forget painful surgery and extensive recovery time. Formulated with lidocaine, a localized pain reliever that reduces discomfort, Juvederm is a relatively painless procedure. Although patients need to avoid excessive sun and heat exposure and wear sunscreen during the healing period after the treatment, they can otherwise go back to their normal schedule right away.

    5. It has minimal side effects.

    Because Juvederm uses a naturally derived molecule, side effects are usually minimal and restricted to redness, bruising and swelling. In rare cases, nerve and blood vessel injury have occurred.

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